ISF Calibration

So why calibrate?  Not calibrating is like bringing home an air conditioner without setting the thermostat. Manufacturers of TVs and projectors want to show the consumer the brightest image, with the most “pop.”  In almost all TVs, this sadly means the TV in the store and what you bring home will not reveal proper shadow detail and the color balance will be too blue, adjusted for a less-than-optimal higher Kelvin rating. This is also known as red push. ISF calibration helps home video displays deliver the best possible image quality.

isf As you can see in the above to the left, even picture modes built-in to the TV to improve picture quality do not restore colors to natural tones.

ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration is an in-depth adjustment of every aspect of your television’s picture. It is done right in your home so that your viewing environment is accounted for. It gives you better color and a noticeably sharper picture. It can even improve the picture on your computer monitor. The procedure sometimes takes hours using computers, sensors, and meters.

If you decide to call in The Stereoshop to calibrate your HDTV, you can expect our tech to establish maximum contrast between black and white so images look their best and retain maximum detail. The ISF-certified specialist will also use color analyzer equipment to objectively tune color saturation and temperature as percisely as possible, letting you see vieo exactly the same way that the person creating it did.

A calibration session includes two inputs on the set, so if you have a Blu-ray player and cable box, for example, the HDTV’s inputs will be calibrated specifically for the video output from those two devices.

ISF Calibration is among the least expensive upgrades available and has more impact!