Our Staff

General Management

John Harris
Email: jharris@thestereoshopinc.com

Melanie Harris
Email: mharris@thestereoshopinc.com

Office Staff

Linda Bollinger
Accounts Receivable
Email: lbollinger@thestereoshopinc.com

Nicole Ulery
Administrative Assistant
Email: nulery@thestereoshopinc.com

Custom Installation Department

John Estep
Custom Installation Manager
Email: jestep@thestereoshopinc.com

Craig Kantoris
Email: ckantoris@thestereoshopinc.com

Justin Mazon
Email: jmazon@thestereoshopinc.com

Ray Henry
Custom Wiring Specialist
Email: rhenry@thestereoshopinc.com

Mobile Installation Department

Dan Barrett
Lead Installer
Email: dbarrett@thestereoshopinc.com


Sales Department

Dave McClelland
Sales Manager
Email: dmcclelland@thestereoshopinc.com

Chris Jones
Sales Consultant
Email: cjones@thestereoshopinc.com

Marketing Department

Harold Ulery
Director of Marketing & Product
Email: hulery@thestereoshopinc.com

All advertising opportunities and requests must be submitted in writing or by e-mail to advertising@thestereoshopinc.com.