URC Complete Control


Imagine the Possibilities.

Imagine life in a one-touch-does-it-all world. It’s already here.

Enjoy the magic of CD-quality sound and high-performance theaterWhat was once used to change the channels, can now control your music. Enjoy CD-quality sound in every room and outdoors with perfect synchronization. Create playlists for any event, large or intimate, and start them all with a touch on a URC remote or your smart device (iOS or Android™).

Experience lighting that fits your lifestyle – who knew?For the socialite who needs to set the perfect mood for a dinner party, a simple touch instantly dims the lights as guests arrive. For the working executive who arrives home way past sunset, one button press illuminates a path of light along the driveway.

Appreciate the peace of mind only enhanced security can bringSee live video of your home and loved ones from anywhere in your home – right from your iOS or Android devices, remote or in-wall touchpad. Or, just use your smart device (iOS or Android) to stay connected from anywhere around the world. Open the door for the pet sitter, without leaving your post on the beach or check on the kids in the yard from the laundry room.

Take Complete Control™ with URCJoin the millions of URC customers who already enjoy the benefits advanced control and monitoring can bring home at an affordable price. Start small and scale up when you’re ready to.

With so many possibilities for home automation, you’ll wonder why you haven’t started until now.