Paradigm Speakers


Paradigm is a Canadian company that has been designing and manufacturing loudspeakers and high-end audio/video electronics for over 30 years in their Toronto facility.

Paradigm has won hundreds of product awards at home and around the world and literally thousands of rave reviews have been written about Paradigm speakers and Anthem electronics.

Their 30 years of speaker design and manufacturing expertise began with their work with Canada’s Nation Research Council. Today, Paradigm continues to remain focused on creating industry leading high-performance, high-value products.

Paradigm’s vertally integrated platofrm allows them to manufacture a great mant of their products and component parts in house.

Paradigm Signature Series v.3

Loaded with innovations and breakthroughs in technology!

The critically acclaimed Paradigm Reference Signature speakers are the Paradigm designers’ playground, an opportunity to explore any and all possible new design technologies without regard for time or cost. In this latest version, groundbreaking technology from literally hundreds of hours of research, design, and testing has led to an amazing 50% increase in output! Yes, Signature Series speakers are now the highest output, most dynamic high-end loudspeakers ever produced! Get ready to be bowled over by this truly breathtaking new generation.

For the ultimate in music and home theater, there is no more sonically coherent choice than Paradigm Reference Signature … revealing everything the artist intended.

Paradigm Studio Series v.5

Highest Standard of Technological Excellence

Paradigm Reference Studio speakers offer the highest standard of technological excellence resulting in a breathtaking quality of music reproduction that captures the essence of the original sound.

Equally important is the speakers’ performance in home theater. Movie soundtracks are a complex mix of dialog, music, and action effects. This requires a level of articulation and spatial representation that few movie theaters are capable of reproducing. Studio speakers exceed typical high-end home theater sound by expanding the sheer size, scale and dynamics of the acoustic soundstage. While listening to a Paradigm Reference Studio system The Perfect Vision magainze put it best: “It’s just like being at the movies – except the sound is a lot better.”

Paradigm Millenia Series

Sophisticated State-of-the-Art Paradigm Reference Technology

Millenia speakers offer sophisticated state-of-the-art Paradigm Reference technology wrapped in a sleek lifestyle design to complement today’s flat-panel televisions.

Just like their more traditionally styled counterparts, Millenia speakers offer breathtaking music reproduction that lays bare the very essence of the original performance! And that complex mix of dialog, music and action effects that make up a movie’s soundtrack? Millenia delivers it with a realism that no other high-end lifestyle system can!

Paradigm Monitor Series 7

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day. Neither Was Monitor.

It took three emperors and 15 years to build Rome’s Colosseum, architecture that still elicits awe centuries later. Good architecture will stand up well over time, as will good sonic architecture. Our Monitor Series 7 is a classic example. Now in its seventh iteration, each new generation is an opportunity for refinement: design innovations from our higher-priced reference lineups, reference-quality component parts, cabinets and even finishes! 

We can’t promise it will still be around in two thousand years, but we can promise it will play louder, plumb deeper, look smarter and sound better than any other brand in its price range.

Paradigm Cinema Series

When size and sound matter

While it’s true, there are tiny satellite speakers aided by small subwoofers that can be “hidden” in many living spaces, when it comes to great audiophile sound these systems had never delivered … until Cinema. For years now, our award-winning Cinema speakers have been delivering a seamless music and home theater soundstage that brings movies to life and makes music sound “live.” Rumour has it that with this new generation of Cinema speakers, sound may be even better than the movie.