Home Theater

Home Theater

Bring the majesty of movie theaters to your own home. Our theaters are astounding showpieces of technology, atmosphere, and design.

Projection screens.

Larger than life picture enhances film by capturing the audience through sheer presence. Our projection screens offer the best viewing and latest features.

Projection Screen

Ambient Light Rejection

With proper positioning, all excess light in the room is deflected by the screen, giving you clear, beautiful images even in daylight.

Screen Transformation

In-ceiling installations reveal at the touch of a button and retract when not in use. Discrete, space-saving systems are possible without compromise.

Ultra 4K projectors.

See worlds unfold with incredible detail. With more than four times the resolution of full HD and HDR compatibility, the experience is lifelike.

Sony 4K Projector

Stream movies.

Store and watch films from customizable collections in a Kaleidescape® server system. Connect to apps like Netflix® and Hulu® and broaden your movie catalog. Our theaters can fully integrate with a smart home system.

Kaleidescape Strato

Surround sound.

A full sound system gives more detail to the images on screen, putting you closer to the action. We offer expert positioning with in-ceiling and in-wall installations.

SVS Prime Elevation Speaker

Acoustic panels.

Acoustic paneling can improve sound quality further by absorbing excess noise. Our solutions are designed per-room for optimal sound control. Panels from Vicoustic® offer both performance and modern looks.

Vicoustic Panels

Theater seating.

Enjoy your theater in high-quality recliners, featuring electronically adjusted leg rests and head angles for maximum viewing comfort. Dyed premium leather can accent or match the style of your theater room.

Elran Theater Recliners

Our representatives are ready to design the theater of your dreams. From amazing audio and video to lighting and finishes, we strive to make each theater truly remarkable.