Working Smarter Has Never Been Easier

Whether you're hosting a meeting in your conference room, a restaurant or bar wanting to provide your clients with every sporting event, a modern office looking to maximize energy efficiency or provide your staff with user-friendly controls for their spaces - we are able to amp up your entertainment, automate your lighting/shades, HVAC and beyond!

Providing Audio/Video, HVAC Control, Surveillance, Networking, Digital Signage, Media Distribution for your space. Below are some examples of how The Stereoshop and your business can partner up to provide you with technology you, your staff and your clients will appreciate.


Conference Rooms That Bring Everyone Together

Bring collaboration and communication to the table with a smart huddle space. Adding the right technology to your space can optimize and increase productivity and efficiency.

Making the equipment as user-friendly as possible is key, integrating with a single interface for one-touch control - so you can focus on the meeting and not the medium to get it going.

This space can include:

Lighting | Audio | Video | Automation | Motorized Lifts


Hospitable Habitats to Create the Perfect Experience

Western Pennsylvania is known for its diverse and friendly community, but also for its incredible food. If you're in the service industry, you know that a delicious menu is only a portion to success when it comes to ensuring your patrons have the best experience. The other portion is providing customers a space where they feel comfortable and welcomed. Integrating audio, video and automation can make you a game changer in the hospitality market.

From gorgeous high-end displays that make every play highlight stunning to distributed audio that help set the vibe in the waiting and dining areas, premium technologies play a huge part in ensuring guest experience and satisfaction. Integrating lighting, shading and HVAC control and audio/video and providing high-speed guest WiFi can keep the guest in your space longer.

This space can include:

Lighting | Audio | Video | Automation | HVAC Control | WiFi

| Surveillance |


Other Services We Offer:

  • Media Distribution

  • High-Performance, Large Scale Audio

  • Acoustical Treatment and Noise Dampening

  • Media Rooms

  • Gym Facilities

  • Meditation Rooms

  • Custom Designed Media Walls

  • Large Scale Automated Lighting and Shading