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Whether you're building your dream home theater or you're looking to fill every square foot of your home with your favorite music, we have a system for you!

Utilizing our best and latest technologies to deliver an intuitive and simple experience that you and your whole family can navigate and enjoy - you're ready for whatever music the moment calls for!


Find the perfect solution

A house is only a home when it is full of energy and life, and a home isn't "smart" until you integrate the technology you use every day, into that home.


We know what you're thinking...

"Smarter" isn't for me, I'm not tech-savvy enough"

WRONG! We believe that you can live smarter, without making it harder! We carefully plan and consult with you and your family to masterfully custom-tailor the experience to your individual needs.

Each of our systems are completely unique!

Architectural Plans

From inspiration, to idea, to implementation, to integration - we simplify the process whether the job is a  simple TV mount to an automated smart home.

Our design and systems experts take the headache and complicated terminology of the technology and lay it out, clear as day to ensure complete confidence in your investment into a digital lifestyle.

Installing Shelves

Blending interior design with technology is an art all of its own.


With todays technologies and design trends, our competitors really only know one or the other. The unique advantage of choosing The Stereoshop is that we know both! 

We have made TVs and projectors lower out of the ceiling, covered them with art when they're off, integrated beautiful smart light switches with tones to match the room and more. We are a full-service provider for all of the tech in your home!

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