HOme Theater

Make every seat a great one with thoughtful and meticulous theater design.

Bring every source to life, whether it be a 4K Blu-Ray, Cable Box, your favorite gaming console or streaming box.

Bring it all to life with booming surround, crisp visuals and luxury comfort with mastercrafted seating featuring premium materials.

Whole Home

Audio & Video

Enjoy your music wherever you are in your home. Speakers that disappear inside of your ceilings and walls - whether it be in the den, bathroom, kitchen, living room, workshop or office; you will enjoy rich, powerful audio controllable by a smartphone or tablet or by intelligent in-wall touch controllers. You can even keep the party going outdoors!

Hi-Fi Audio & Turntables

High Fidelity - a phrase you hear in the world of audio time and time again. But what does it mean? By definition, Hi-Fi is the high-quality reproduction of sound. But to us, it is the reproduction of the passion the artist put into their track. We hold this belief and we refuse to compromise on quality for our dedicated audio-enthusiasts. Stop in and listen to the difference!

av mirrors

Place Integrity over your bathroom vanity, hall table, kitchen, and instantly renew your space with brilliance and motion. It features a smooth polished edge, luminous inner frame of natural-looking LED lighting, and a vibrant LED HDTV. Electric Mirror also offers Smart Android powered touchscreen mirrors that easily integrate into your home automation system. Get ready to see yourself in a new light!

OUtdoor av

Our outdoor TVs are true all-weather, outdoor LED-LCD TVs deliver superior brightness, while resisting the harsh effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and UV rays. Have peace of mind knowing you can keep them out all year around and not worry about dragging it in when it's raining or snowing. The weather-resistant mounts are also time-tested and will not be harmed by rust or other harmful elements.

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