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2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide is filled with items meant for loved ones or a gift to yourself. Each product was carefully selected for its unique features and outstanding performance. These gifts are sure to delight and will create memories long after the holidays are over, as most of them provide experiences that can be shared. We hope you enjoy this special collection of curated products and we encourage you all to shop local this Holiday Season.

Please contact us with questions by email or call us at 724-834-2074. You may also visit our showroom.

For the music lover...

The Sopra Line of high-end premium speakers from Focal is a cross between art and a musical instrument. Made in France and equipped with the best midrange drivers ever developed by Focal, using the NIC and TDM technologies, Sopra will be sure to impress. Every inch of design was carefully crafted to provide the ultimate realism of sound.

Experience an epic cinematic experience at home

With the Balón Borderless screen from Stewart Film Screen. View content without any borders. There is no frame to outline the content. For a more dramatic effect, Balón Borderless can be mounted away from the wall, creating on-screen images that seemingly appear to float in the room. There is also an LED kit option, and all of Stewart’s front projection materials are available for this screen making it very scalable — so go big!

It's time to break out the old vinyls or start a collection...

The Planar 10 Turntable from the legendary turntable maker, Rega provides a unique gift that is in much demand this year. New innovations in hub bearing, sub platter, motor and drive belt design have led to even greater accuracy in turntable speed which directly improve sound performance.

Personalize your remote -

The LIMITED EDITION Red Neeo Universal Remote from Control4 tells everyone by color, it's yours and let's you program how you want to experience your home from your couch. With a touch screen, just the right amount of buttons and easy Wi-Fi integration; it is a nice addition for those that already have the Control4 smart home system. Control lights, audio, TV, thermostat, door-locks, and more by setting scenes like "game night" - where the team colored lights go on, while other lights dim, and the surround sound is triggered with pressing just one button.

The perfect gift for the golfer -

The Full Swing Golf Simulator has proven technology used by professional golfers. Play iconic championship golf courses in the comfort of your home or host your friends for the big game, and enjoy the Full Swing simulator quality experience.

A Smart OLED TV from LG is a gift most would appreciate.

Millions of SELF-LIT PiXELS and the latest technology deliver sharp pictures, swift response times and smooth motion, all in a slim design. Contact us to discuss which one in the line up is best for your needs. You may email or call us at 724-834-2074.



When it comes to selling homes, real estate agents and builders are turning to technology as a big selling point. In a recent study from Realty Times, 94 percent of buyers said they would sacrifice 1,000 square feet if it meant having more technology.

A big part of that has to do with audio visual integration—making it easy for luxury buyers to enjoy their favorite movies, TV shows, and music. The best part is that it is easy to outfit homes with technology without having to expand your project timeline or budget significantly. To learn more about how AV integration can help you on your next Pittsburgh, PA project, keep reading.

What Systems Should Be Considered Pre-Construction?

When it comes to luxury buyers, they are looking for efficient ways to incorporate either custom high-end systems or easily accommodate whole-home solutions. As we will discuss in the next section of this blog, these usually require thorough installations and should be considered pre-construction. Below are some typical examples of installations that can benefit from early planning:

Home Theater Systems

Listening Rooms

Whole-House Music

Networked Systems

The most important reason to consider audiovisual integration during design and construction has to do with the wiring framework. All AV and networking cables should be cleverly hidden behind walls to create an efficient and discreet installation. By doing this during construction, owners can avoid costly and unsightly installations later.

In some cases, additional preparations are needed to optimize AV integration. For home theaters and listening rooms, for example, acoustics need to be considered. This can range from the type of drywall and insulation used to adding specialized acoustic panels. When designing and building a home, there should also be enough space left within walls and ceilings to install custom speakers.

Finally, luxury homes will need dedicated closets for all AV equipment. During construction, it is easier to find the ideal location for these and install the right HVAC system to meet the cooling requirements for all AV equipment.

What is the Best Way to Prepare for Audio-Visual Integration?

Just because AV integration has become a priority for many luxury homebuyers does not mean architects, designers or builders suddenly need to become experienced technicians. Instead, you can partner with an AV specialist in your area for all your construction projects. The Stereoshop, Inc. has a long history of working with trade professionals on all types of control, security, and AV installations.

For architects or realtors looking to revamp an existing property, we also have extensive experience with retrofit and remodel jobs. For these jobs, we can take a less invasive approach and make sure that all our new AV systems are compatible with the technology that already exists in the home. We consult with you throughout the process to make sure your goals for the project are met.

As part of our services, we incorporate extensive system documentation and project management to make sure that everyone is always on the same page. We communicate with everyone involved in the project when our initial plans are finalized and clearly document changes along the way, so there is never any confusion.

By working with The Stereoshop, Inc. for the audio-visual integration in your next project, you can offer a better product for your clients without having to make a significant investment. Since you can get buyers to pay more for a property with technology already in place, costs for AV integration can be passed on to them. To learn more about our services, call us at 724-834-2074 or contact us online.