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The Truth About 8K TVs

8K TVs are on the market in a big way. But what really is the benefit of 8K?

While 4K content is becoming more readily accessible, but it doesn't seem like there is a lot

Sony XBR-75Z8H

of it out there, you'd be surprised... there is more 4K content out now more than ever - although it can seem hard to justify why make the jump from your current TV into the realm of 8K.

What is 8K?

Simply put, 8K is the resolution of the television.

8K resolution is 4X higher than that of 4K UHD TVs, and 16X higher than your traditional Full HD (1080p) television.

Resolution is made up of how many pixels there are in the screen, so when there are more pixels to display an image, the image looks more real!

Credit: Samsung

This is where terms such as, pixel density and PPI (pixels per inch) come into play. Naturally,


a higher PPI means there is a higher pixel density and thus more detail is shown. Typically, the PPI of a 75" TV are 29 PPI on 1080p (Full HD TVs) 59 PPI on 4K (UHD) TVs and 117 on 8K TVs. So, an 8K TV has approximately 88 more pixels in a square inch of the screen than a Full

HD one and 58 more pixels per square inch than the mainstream 4K (UHD) TVs on the market today.

Creating a sharper, more realistic picture without jagged edges around hair, faces, cityscapes, etc. It truly does make a (virtual) world of difference.

So, you're probably wondering "okay, but, there isn't even any native 8K content. Why should I consider it when I'm upgrading?"

Truth be told, at the moment, it is limited. Next-gen gaming consoles are going to be able to handle native 8K resolution. AV receivers are already processing for 8K. HDMI cables are being upgraded to 48Gbps for 8K, so just because native content isn't 100% on the market yet, doesn't mean that you're not going to benefit from the technology.

And that is done via AI upscaling.

You see the letters AI a lot. And no, Skynet is not taking over your TV. We promise you that.

This technology is LG's ThinQ AI, Samsung's 8K AI technology and Sony's 8K X-Reality Pro engine, and the display panel can only pump through what the processor of the TV can process. In the biz, we call it "garbage in, garbage out." however, since the TV is enhancing the picture in real-time with features like object-based enhancement for resolution and HDR

Samsung Q950TS

remastering, bitmapping, database processing and more. In this case, it's garbage in, sharp out. Without even realizing it, the TV can take a 720p/1080p (Full HD) signal from your cable/fiber box, a 4K signal from your favorite gaming system or Blu-Ray player, and effortlessly enhance the image to a crisp, natural, close-to-real 8K resolution.


Are you ready to make the jump to 8K?

8K TVs are the comprehensive outcome of state-of-the-art display panel technology, top quality picture technology and the best semiconductor technology. As a result, LG, Sony &

Samsung are now applying 8K resolution to their top model TVs. If you want to buy the best TV currently available, then an 8K TV is the way to go.

Plus, you're futureproofing yourself and will be ready when the market has more native 8K content out. And believe us, it's coming.

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